A discount store or discounter offers a retail format in which products are sold at prices that are in principle lower than an actual or supposed “full retail price”. Discounters rely on bulk purchasing and efficient distribution to keep down costs.

What is a coupon or promotional code?

  • A coupon or promotional code discounts the price on a single item or an entire purchase. You add the code during check-out before you pay.

How do I get a coupon or promotional code?

Coupons and promotional codes are available through our newsletter and other promotional offers. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page. Some of our sales use coupon codes, while others price the item at a lower cost. 

How do I use a promotional code?

  • Add your item(s) to the cart and enter your promotional code in the Promotions & Coupons box in the Shopping Cart.
  • If the promotional code is valid, your order will show the discount. If the code is invalid, an error message will display in orange.

Why isn’t my coupon working?

  • Your coupon may have expired.
  • Only one discount applies per order.
  • Some coupons apply only to a specific product or exclude specific products.
  • Coupons may require a minimum purchase.

Why can’t my customers see the discount code entry field during checkout?

The discount code entry field will show during checkout only if you have active discount codes available to your customers.